openheartedness, freedom and faith; that's my motto

What I write about...
In my songs I tend mostly to write about: experiences/life (learning how life's a bitch, though trying to remain positive!), feelings/emotions (for what personal hell ride I've been going through), stories/fiction (though much less often than my own life accounts), dreams/imaginations (exploring the vast realms of possibilities), states of mind, poetic stuff, amongst other things. I'm all about artistry and think it'll be only when I'm with an experienced producer and other musicians that my visions will be fully realised. As for now, I consider my music to be conceptual.

I follow music, only that I can believe in.

My earliest band inspirations...
It began with three underrated bands: Feeder, Yellowcard and Ash. I have all their albums, and they helped me out a great deal as an unsure teenager, eventually leading me to acquire a taste for the less accessible heavy metal genre. These bands were like the building blocks to giving me the confidence to believe in myself, and, without them, probably would have had me continue down the uncertain public services/engineering career path that I was originally on. It's now my life ambition to release records of my own, and these guys are my earliest reminders of how I want to front a band and make special things happen myself.

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